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Mind the gap

17 November 2017 0

It’s three weeks until our next film, but in the meantime there is still plenty of big(ish) screen entertainment around, aside from the multiplexes. If you haven’t been yet, we recommend a visit to Gloucester’s Sherborne Cinema. Mark Cunningham shows [cont'd.]

Coming Soon

Embrace of the Serpent

15 November 2017 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 5 December at 19:45, is Embrace of the Serpent, a stirring tale of adventure and cultural clash, set in the Amazon rain-forest.  Shot almost entirely in sumptuous black and white, it tells of the relationship between [cont'd.]

Around Cheltenham

New season for CKFS

24 October 2017 0

Charlton Kings Film Society has a new website and a new programme of films running through until May. Films will be show on Friday evenings at the Sacred Hearts Parish Hall in Moorend Road. It’s a solid programme, although several [cont'd.]


Your thoughts on The Innocents

15 November 2017 0

Considerable acclaim for The Innocents, which we screened on 14 November. It earned an appreciation score of 88.09 per cent and lots of enthusiastic comments. A selection of your reviews: “Best film so far.” “Riveting. Haunting. Questions of faith and [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on Behemoth

8 November 2017 0

A strong score of 78.87 per cent for Behemoth, despite its disturbing subject-matter. Some comments: “Bleak and terrible, shaming and wonderful.” “Brilliant film/cinema. Amazing photography, excellent soundtrack, hard-hitting editing. Good choice!” “Shocking but salutary lessons of effects of globalisation and [cont'd.]

Your response to The Phantom of the Opera

25 October 2017 0

A warm response to The Phantom of the Opera, and especially Minima’s music. The overall score was 80.32 per cent. There was some concern that the music was too loud and we will bear that in mind for next time. Some [cont'd.]

Your response to Tangerines

11 October 2017 0

An amazing appreciation rating of 94.97 per cent for Tangerines, making it our highest-scoring film since 2013. Some comments: “A slow burner but worth waiting for the end.” “Fantastic, beautiful film beginning to end. Wonderful characters; understated acting.” “A simple story so [cont'd.]

About CFS

CFS is Cheltenham’s membership film society. We show mostly subtitled and independent films between September and April at the Bacon Theatre in Dean Close School, Cheltenham. Admission is by annual membership subscription, but members may bring guests. The society is more than 70 years old and currently more than 500 strong.


Cheltenham Film Society can be contacted by email ( or telephone (07528 746750). We are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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