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We would like to thank all those members who have responded to our email asking for views on the state of the Society and its future direction.

We have decided to open the website for your comments on the films. Click the “Leave a comment” link and you will be taken to a page where you can submit any remarks. You will be required to supply an email address and your name. The email address will not be made public.

Our next film: Dheepan

Our next film, on Tuesday 7 March at 19:45, is Dheepan, a topical and humane film about immigration. Directed by Jacques Audiard, who gave us the excellent Rust And Bone, it tells the story of a Tamil Tiger fighter who escapes from Sri Lanka as the civil war is nearing its end. He takes with him two strangers, a woman and a young girl, hoping that they will be able to pose as a family and thereby gain easier access to Europe. Finding work as the caretaker of a run-down housing block in the Paris suburbs, he is quickly confronted by violence as he struggles to protect the vulnerable pair he brought with him.

Reactions to Alice In The Cities

Mixed opinions about Alice In The Cities, with an appreciation score of 73.08 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “A beautiful film, thoughtful and subtle. A gem. Thank you.”
  • “Loved it, but don’t know why. Great choice.”
  • “Beautiful to look at: wonderful acting.”
  • “Gentle, warm film, poetic.”
  • “Ageless! Charming!”
  • “The girl was stunning. A bit slow but then it drew me in.”
  • “Good in parts.”
  • “Far too slow.”
  • “Boring. Never got anywhere.”
  • “Watching paint dry would have been more entertaining!”