Your response to The Phantom of the Opera

25 October 2017 John Morrish 0

A warm response to The Phantom of the Opera, and especially Minima’s music. The overall score was 80.32 per cent. There was some concern that the music was too loud and we will bear that in mind for next time. Some comments: “Brilliant music again – get them back next year?” “Delighted that you occasionally show these silent movies, and much [cont'd.]

Our next film: Behemoth

25 October 2017 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 7 November at 7.45pm, is Behemoth. This is a visually stunning documentary about the human and environmental cost of China’s massive industrialisation in recent years. It takes you to a mine, a steel works, a hospital and a “ghost city” that has never been occupied. A few snippets from Dante’s Inferno serve as commentary.

New season for CKFS

24 October 2017 John Morrish 0

Charlton Kings Film Society has a new website and a new programme of films running through until May. Films will be show on Friday evenings at the Sacred Hearts Parish Hall in Moorend Road. It’s a solid programme, although several of the films will be familiar to anyone who has attended CFS in the last couple of seasons. Details from [cont'd.]

Our next film: The Phantom of the Opera

11 October 2017 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 24 October at 19:45, is a special event. The Phantom of the Opera will be accompanied by live music from the group Minima, who last year gave us their version of Hitchcock’s The Lodger. The Phantom of the Opera has been made and remade several times in film history. This is the 1925 silent version with Lon Chaney in the [cont'd.]

Your response to Tangerines

11 October 2017 John Morrish 0

An amazing appreciation rating of 94.97 per cent for Tangerines, making it our highest-scoring film since 2013. Some comments: “A slow burner but worth waiting for the end.” “Fantastic, beautiful film beginning to end. Wonderful characters; understated acting.” “A simple story so beautifully told.” “Great film, tender yet poignant – well shot.” “Great anti-war film.” “Realism prevailed (unfortunately) but decency almost made [cont'd.]