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Reactions to Marshland

21 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Members enjoyed Marshland last night, giving it an appreciation score of 86.1 per cent. Some comments: Gripping! Excellent choice – visually and good story. Brings back memories of ‘Franquismo’ and time spent there. Good portrait of corruption and fear. A [cont'd.]

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Our next film: Marshland

14 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film is Marshland, a tense and brutal thriller set in the unique waterlands of Andalusia. Two ill-matched cops come together to pursue a serial killer, encountering a wall of hostility and evasion. The film transcends its genre origins thanks to [cont'd.]

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Our first film

7 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Our first film of the season, on Tuesday 13 September, will be Theeb. Set in the Ottoman province of Hijaz during the First World War, it tells of a dangerous journey taken by a young Bedouin boy as he guides a British [cont'd.]

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Reactions to In Order of Disappearance

16 March 2016 John Morrish 0

In Order of Disappearance provoked some debate, particularly over the question of violence, but it still achieved a strong appreciation score of 83 per cent. Some comments: “Amusing black farce, beautifully understated acting by the lead characters.” “Fantastic, beautiful scenery, excellent storyline.” [cont'd.]

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La Zona: Reactions

9 March 2016 John Morrish 0

Thank you for coming along to see La Zona. Lots of you seem to have enjoyed it. The audience reaction score was a respectable 78 per cent. Some comments: “Very moving and a taste of a future that is already here [cont'd.]