Reactions to Clash

14 March 2018 John Morrish 0

Polarised opinions about Mohamed Diab’s intense and claustrophobic Clash last night, but still a strong score of 73.89 per cent. It was not an easy film to watch, and some people hated the constantly moving camera, but most appreciated the skill of the film-making and the relevance of the subject-matter. Some comments: “Genuinely unique film-making. Brutal, gut-wrenching, with beautiful moments of [cont'd.]

Reactions to The Salesman

7 March 2018 John Morrish 0

A strong score of 83.42 per cent for Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman. Some comments: “Another excellent film. Well chosen!” “Riveting, uncompromising and very cruel. A compelling watch!” “Acting superb. Direction superb. Cinematography superb. Well worth the Oscar.” “Brilliant. As was his last film. Great director!” “Extraordinary storyteller. Great actors.” “Refreshing change, not being able to guess who did it until the [cont'd.]

Reactions to Day For Night

21 February 2018 John Morrish 0

Lots of enthusiasm for Day For Night, the final film in our François Truffaut mini-season, and an appreciation score of 77.07 per cent. Some comments: “Best film of the year.” “Genuine insight, humour, subtle, engaging characters.” “Insightful and entertaining.” “Brilliant. Learned a lot and loved the humour/music.” “Enjoyable, lovely. Truffaut in his element.” “Most enjoyable. What prima donnas!” “Most enlightening and [cont'd.]

Reactions to Fahrenheit 451

14 February 2018 John Morrish 0

A slightly disappointing score of 72.09 per cent for Fahrenheit 451, but lots of enthusiasm in the comments. “A most imaginative film. Pleased that I had the opportunity to see it.” “Lovely film. Sixties chic but relevant today with fake news, press control, etc.” “Quirky, amusing, food for thought. But optimistic!” “Completely original.” “Loved it!” “An old favourite.” “Memorable despite the [cont'd.]

Reactions to The 400 Blows

24 January 2018 John Morrish 0

An excellent score of 84.39 per cent for The 400 Blows, the first in our three-film Truffaut season. Some comments: “Brilliant! Best CFS film for a long time. A masterpiece.” “Wonderful. Best film ever.” “What a treat!” “Not seen before – very glad I have now. Thank you!” “I thought it was fascinating and felt so sorry for the boy.” “Good [cont'd.]