Reactions to Tale of Tales

10 January 2018 John Morrish 0

Sharply divided opinions led to an appreciation score of 71.6 per cent for the extraordinary Tale of Tales.  Some thoughts: “Weird, fantastical, beautiful… lots to think about and god knows what I’ll dream tonight!” “Very Grimm, very magical. Loved it.” “Excellent. [cont'd.]

Reactions to Truman

13 December 2017 John Morrish 0

Despite the icy conditions, a very warm response to Truman last night, with an appreciation score of 92.4 per cent. Some of your comments: “The best of the season. Sensitive, pared-down and thought-provoking.” “Great film to finish on – great relationships.” [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on Embrace of the Serpent

6 December 2017 John Morrish 0

Embrace of the Serpent earned a respectable 78.29 per cent appreciation score last night. Some comments: “Fascinating. Thank you.” “Very different. So glad I came tonight.” “Very interesting. Stunning visual enhanced by black and white.” “Wonderful insight into the Amazon. Hallucinogenic [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on The Innocents

15 November 2017 John Morrish 0

Considerable acclaim for The Innocents, which we screened on 14 November. It earned an appreciation score of 88.09 per cent and lots of enthusiastic comments. A selection of your reviews: “Best film so far.” “Riveting. Haunting. Questions of faith and [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on Behemoth

8 November 2017 John Morrish 0

A strong score of 78.87 per cent for Behemoth, despite its disturbing subject-matter. Some comments: “Bleak and terrible, shaming and wonderful.” “Brilliant film/cinema. Amazing photography, excellent soundtrack, hard-hitting editing. Good choice!” “Shocking but salutary lessons of effects of globalisation and [cont'd.]