Reactions to The Second Mother

15 March 2017 CFS Committee 0

A warm response to last night’s film, The Second Mother, which received an appreciation score of 83.29 per cent. Some comments: “Very enjoyable. A good story and convincingly worked through.” “Very good, with stories and emotions at different level.” “Script worthy of [cont'd.]

Reactions to Dheepan

8 March 2017 CFS Committee 0

An enthusiastic response to Dheepan, which achieved an appreciation score of 82.28 per cent. Some comments: “At last, a great film with believable characters!” “Brilliant entertainment.” “Very good and topical.” “Another window into cultures completely alien to me.” “Really enjoyed the film.” [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Girlhood

15 February 2017 CFS Committee 0

Sharply polarised reactions to Girlhood, which achieved an appreciation score of 66.41 per cent. There were 160 comments, the majority either “very good” or “good”. A few examples: “Very moving and relevant. Loved it.” “Powerful, good performance by the main [cont'd.]

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Reactions to The Lobster

25 January 2017 CFS Committee 0

A negative response to The Lobster, which received an appreciation score of 49.04 per cent. That puts it in the bottom five of the films we have shown since the 1980s. And yet it has been nominated for an Oscar this [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Not Here To Be Loved

14 December 2016 CFS Committee 0

A lot of enthusiasm  for Not Here To Be Loved, leading on nicely to our enjoyable Christmas wine & cheese event. Plenty of lively discussion afterwards. The appreciation score was 78.72 per cent. Some comments: “Best film of the season – delightful” [cont'd.]