Your thoughts on Embrace of the Serpent

6 December 2017 John Morrish 0

Embrace of the Serpent earned a respectable 78.29 per cent appreciation score last night. Some comments: “Fascinating. Thank you.” “Very different. So glad I came tonight.” “Very interesting. Stunning visual enhanced by black and white.” “Wonderful insight into the Amazon. Hallucinogenic scenes were a little corny and didn’t add to the film.” “Magical! Stunning!” “Fascinating.” “Beautiful, disturbing.” “A difficult film, amazing [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on The Innocents

15 November 2017 John Morrish 0

Considerable acclaim for The Innocents, which we screened on 14 November. It earned an appreciation score of 88.09 per cent and lots of enthusiastic comments. A selection of your reviews: “Best film so far.” “Riveting. Haunting. Questions of faith and solitude and togetherness in such an extreme environment.” “Beautifully shot/composed, great framing, lovely palette and good story/acting. Very good!” “Poignant. [cont'd.]

Your thoughts on Behemoth

8 November 2017 John Morrish 0

A strong score of 78.87 per cent for Behemoth, despite its disturbing subject-matter. Some comments: “Bleak and terrible, shaming and wonderful.” “Brilliant film/cinema. Amazing photography, excellent soundtrack, hard-hitting editing. Good choice!” “Shocking but salutary lessons of effects of globalisation and progress.” “Very hard to watch and terrible that they can get away with it.” “Difficult to watch. Such a dreadful [cont'd.]

Your response to The Phantom of the Opera

25 October 2017 John Morrish 0

A warm response to The Phantom of the Opera, and especially Minima’s music. The overall score was 80.32 per cent. There was some concern that the music was too loud and we will bear that in mind for next time. Some comments: “Brilliant music again – get them back next year?” “Delighted that you occasionally show these silent movies, and much [cont'd.]

Your response to Tangerines

11 October 2017 John Morrish 0

An amazing appreciation rating of 94.97 per cent for Tangerines, making it our highest-scoring film since 2013. Some comments: “A slow burner but worth waiting for the end.” “Fantastic, beautiful film beginning to end. Wonderful characters; understated acting.” “A simple story so beautifully told.” “Great film, tender yet poignant – well shot.” “Great anti-war film.” “Realism prevailed (unfortunately) but decency almost made [cont'd.]