Mind the gap

It’s three weeks until our next film, but in the meantime there is still plenty of big(ish) screen entertainment around, aside from the multiplexes. If you haven’t been yet, we recommend a visit to Gloucester’s Sherborne Cinema. Mark Cunningham shows some interesting films alongside his regular programme of more popular fare, and the cinema’s hand-made ambiance can’t be beaten. Admission is only £5 but you have to pay with cash; the cinema has no card-reader and you can’t book in advance. And of course there are The Roses in Tewkesbury and The Guildhall in Gloucester.

We apologise for the stygian gloom in the Tennis Court car park. This is a consequence of the school’s building work. We are making inquiries as to what can be done about it.

We have had a complaint from a member about people checking their mobile phones during screenings. We appreciate that people have their phones switched to silent, but the temptation to check the screen when you feel a buzz in your pocket can be overwhelming. Please switch off altogether for the duration of the show.

Our Annual General Meeting, on 10 October, passed without incident. The accounts were adopted and the committee continues unchanged. If you wish to contact any of us you can find us on the About CFS page of this website. The accounts have been posted on the website here.

After Christmas we have another CFS Extra season of older films. This time the focus is on the director François Truffaut, one of the great names of 20th century French cinema.