Reactions to Maudie

26 September 2018 John Morrish 0

A rapturous reception for last night’s film, Aisling Walsh’s¬†Maudie, which earned an overall appreciation score of 93.65 per cent. That places it in the top ten of films we have ever shown. Here are some of the comments: “Beautiful. Best film in seven years!” “Wonderful acting, photography, everything.” “Utterly absorbing. Superb performances by all. Cinematography riveting, the seasons and weather invaded the cinema, as did the tensions between the two [cont'd.]

Reactions to I Am Not A Witch

19 September 2018 John Morrish 0

A mixed response to I Am Not A Witch, and an overall appreciation score of 64.66 per cent. Some comments: “Really enjoyed this film. So many truths and many possible interpretations.” “Fabulous scenery and acting but an horrific and terrifying portrayal of misogyny and superstition.” “Difficult to watch but an important subject matter to bring to the fore. Beautifully shot and extremely poignant/ironic choice of score.” “Beautifully filmed but with [cont'd.]

Reactions to Frantz

12 September 2018 John Morrish 0

A warm response to¬†Frantz, starring Paula Beer, the opening film of our 2018/10 season. The appreciation score was 87.86 per cent. Some comments: “Excellent start to the season.” “Great start to the year! Love and aftermath of war – totally cathartic!” “Initially efficient and economic in delivery, it matured into an exquisite story of intrigue and emotion.” “Enigmatic, very moving. Wonderful the way the terrible impact of war was presented.” [cont'd.]