Crowdfunding for Plymouth

27 November 2018 John Morrish 0

Plymouth Arts Centre lost funding last year and is having to relocate its cinema to a new venue in the city’s College of Art. It’s currently trying to raise funds through the Crowdfunder website. If any CFS members have a connection with film in Plymouth and would like to help the city’s only indy cinema to reach its target of £20,000, there is more information on its Crowdfunder page.

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Mailing list

27 November 2018 John Morrish 0

It’s a shame to nag, but we really need you to join our email list. We’re trying to do the right thing by GDPR, which means we can only email you about forthcoming events and innovations if you specifically give us permission. There are sign up forms all over the site. We promise we will only email you when we have something worthwhile to tell you about, we will not sell [cont'd.]

Farewell Nic Roeg

24 November 2018 John Morrish 0

Sad to see that Nic Roeg has died. As well as directing the brilliant Don’t Look Now, Walkabout and many others, he was also the cinematographer on John Schlesinger’s wonderful Far From The Madding Crowd and François Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451, which we showed last year.

Our next film: Lost in Paris

21 November 2018 John Morrish 0

After the somewhat grim fare of recent weeks, our next film is Lost In Paris, a feast of physical comedy from Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel, who wrote, directed and starred. It promises lots of visual fun in the tradition of Tati, Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy and others. A Canadian librarian flies to Paris to look after her aunt and then has a chance encounter with a tramp living [cont'd.]

Reactions to Land of Mine

21 November 2018 John Morrish 0

There was a very positive response to the gruelling Land of Mine, which achieved an appreciation score of 91.77 per cent. Some comments: “Another excellent choice.” “Ace film. Story a little predictable, but a strong anti-war film.” “Powerful depiction of one of the many stories we’d all rather not know about, but should.” “Wonderful – a piece of history I know nothing about.” “Uncompromising tale of the aftermath of war.” “Reminds [cont'd.]