Our next film: Lean on Pete

14 January 2019 CFS Committee 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 22 January at 19:45, is Lean on Pete. It is this season’s coming-of-Age story. A 15-year-old boy forms a bond with a clapped-out racehorse, Lean on Pete and saves him from slaughter. The pair travel across the Pacific Northwest, facing obstacles with courage and optimism. Exquisite cinematography and an emotionally charged lead performance from young Charlie Plummer.

Our next film: A Fantastic Woman

12 December 2018 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 8 January at 19:45, is A Fantastic Woman. It is an acclaimed drama by Chilean director Sebastián Lelio, currently receiving a lot of praise for his new film Disobedience. Marina, a transgender nightclub singer and waitress, is forced to cope in a hostile world following the death of her older boyfriend. A powerful plea for common humanity, with a remarkable central performance by newcomer Daniela Varga, who [cont'd.]

Our next film: Lost in Paris

21 November 2018 John Morrish 0

After the somewhat grim fare of recent weeks, our next film is Lost In Paris, a feast of physical comedy from Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel, who wrote, directed and starred. It promises lots of visual fun in the tradition of Tati, Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy and others. A Canadian librarian flies to Paris to look after her aunt and then has a chance encounter with a tramp living [cont'd.]

Our next film: Land of Mine

7 November 2018 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 20 November at 19:45, is Land of Mine.  Directed by Martin Zandvliet and first released in the UK in 2017, this is a tense dramatisation of some little-known events at the end of the Second World War. German prisoners of war in Denmark were made to clear the country’s western beaches of landmines, with harrowing results. Based on historical fact, the film benefits from an [cont'd.]

Our next film: Life Feels Good

31 October 2018 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 6 November at 19:45, is Life Feels Good.  This is a powerful, inspirational and sometimes very funny story about a young man growing up with cerebral palsy in post-Cold War Poland. It includes an astonishing central performance by able-bodied actor David Ogrodnik, whom some of you will remember from Ida. This is something of a coup for CFS, as it has never previously been shown in UK cinemas.