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Our Little Sister

9 November 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 15 November at 7.45pm, is Our Little Sister. A delightful family story, it tells of three young Japanese sisters, living together in their late grandmother’s house, who reluctantly attend the funeral of their father, who deserted their mother many years ago.  There they decide to take in their 13-year-old half-sister after deciding she will be better of with them than with [cont'd.]

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Our next film: The Lodger

12 October 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Thursday 1 November at 19:45, is a special event. The Lodger, Alfred Hitchcock’s silent crime drama from 1927, will be shown with live music from Minima, a four-piece group specialising in film accompaniment. The director himself described The Lodger as “the first true Hitchcock film”, meaning it was the first of his movies to deal with murder and detection. [cont'd.]

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Our next film: Rams

5 October 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on 11 October at 7.45pm, is Rams. Written and directed by Grimur Hákonarson, this is a tale of two brothers who haven’t spoken for 40 years despite rearing sheep on adjacent farms. When disease hits their valley they are forced together in an attempt to save their traditional way of life. A touching and sometimes mordantly funny film [cont'd.]

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Our next film: Mustang

21 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 4 October at 7.45pm, is Mustang. Directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, it tells the story of five young girls spotted playing innocently with some boys on the way home from school, an event that creates a scandal. Taken in hand by their conservative relatives, they are confined to home and prepared for arranged marriages. But the sisters retain their [cont'd.]

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Our next film: Marshland

14 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Our next film is Marshland, a tense and brutal thriller set in the unique waterlands of Andalusia. Two ill-matched cops come together to pursue a serial killer, encountering a wall of hostility and evasion. The film transcends its genre origins thanks to its historical setting in a Spain struggling to emerge from the Franco dictatorship.