Reactions to Dr Strangelove

22 January 2020 John Morrish 0

A great deal of enthusiasm for our classic film, Dr Strangelove, and an excellent appreciation score of 87.3 per cent. Some of your comments: “The best this year – better than most films in the 56 years since! “A classic film. Glad I had the opportunity to see it.” “Stunning – so good to see it again. What a GREAT film! Thanks a million.” “Still chilling after all these years [cont'd.]

Reactions to Happy as Lazzaro

8 January 2020 John Morrish 0

A mixed reaction to Happy as Lazzaro but a solid appreciation score of 71.11 per cent. Some of your comments: “Best ever.” “Wow – best film this season.” “The best yet.” “Beautiful cinematography and acting. Different story line – but I will be thinking it through for days to come.” “Fascinating, beautiful, thought-provoking and strange.” “Very Italian with lots of metaphors and typical Italian nuances. Great!” “A very unusual film. [cont'd.]

Reactions to Wajib

11 December 2019 John Morrish 0

A warm response to Wajib, our final film of the year, and an appreciation score of 83.76 per cent. Some comments: “A wonderfully observed and paced view of Palestinians in Israel.” “Wonderful insight into Palestinian life.” “Liked the family tensions played against the backdrop of Palestinian problem.” “Could have been set anywhere. It’s about family relationships, not Palestine.” “A super film. I loved being in their Nazareth life.” “Great, funny, [cont'd.]

Reactions to Apollo 11

4 December 2019 John Morrish 0

The response to Apollo 11 was out of this world, with an appreciation score of 94.44 per cent, albeit on a lowish attendance figure of 205. That puts it in the top 10 of films we have shown over the last 20 years. Some comments: “Good to see real footage; well crafted film.” “Truly excellent film; epic; brilliant mix of original footage and new film and photos, colour and black [cont'd.]

Reactions to Ninotchka

20 November 2019 John Morrish 0

A rapturous reception for Ninotchka and an appreciation score of 84.55 per cent. Not bad for an 80-year-old film. If anyone is curious about the three-sentence pitch that launched the film, here they are: “Russian girl saturated with Bolshevist ideals goes to fearful, capitalistic, monopolist Paris. She meets romance and has uproarious good time. Capitalism not so bad, after all.” Some of your comments: “Thanks; a bit of comic relief. [cont'd.]