Reactions to A Fantastic Woman

15 January 2019 CFS Committee 0

A bright response to the previous film ‘A Fantastic Woman’ which scored 80.97 and received the following responses: “Superb piece of cinema – totally brilliant”. “Loved it, engaging, fabulous to watch, great emotional journey”. “Beautifully scripted and shot to build a highly engaging narrative”. “Beautiful film. Impressive main character, and sensitive relationship”. “Really enjoyed, kept my attention throughout. Strong performance from main character”. “Brilliant character study, superbly portrayed”. “Stunning performance from Daniela Vega”.”What a performance from [cont'd.]

Reactions to Lost In Paris

12 December 2018 John Morrish 0

A warm response to Lost In Paris, which scored 85.5 per cent and received a lot of praise: “Wonderful finish for 2018.” “A brilliant end to the term.” “Great feel-good nonsense for end of year.” “Not a grim film. Wonderful Xmas treat.” “So nice to laugh this Brexit time. Thank you!” “Just what was needed after a somewhat turgid season.” “Wonderful. No antidepressants needed this week.” “Lovely to have a [cont'd.]

Reactions to Land of Mine

21 November 2018 John Morrish 0

There was a very positive response to the gruelling Land of Mine, which achieved an appreciation score of 91.77 per cent. Some comments: “Another excellent choice.” “Ace film. Story a little predictable, but a strong anti-war film.” “Powerful depiction of one of the many stories we’d all rather not know about, but should.” “Wonderful – a piece of history I know nothing about.” “Uncompromising tale of the aftermath of war.” “Reminds [cont'd.]

Reactions to Life Feels Good

7 November 2018 John Morrish 0

Life Feels Good was well liked, achieving the highest appreciation score so far this season: 93.87 per cent. Attendance was 293. There was much praise for actors Dawid Ogrodnik and Kamil Tkacz as Mateusz. Some comments: “A great film for raising awareness for those living with disabilities. Everyone should see it!” “One of the 10 most enjoyable films I have ever seen.” “Superb – best yet!” “Disturbingly powerful film. Unbelievably [cont'd.]

Reactions to the double-bill

31 October 2018 John Morrish 0

Our experimental double-bill this week seems to have been a success. A total of 310 members attended, and both films received healthy appreciation scores. My Life As A Courgette achieved a score of 89.66 per cent and there were lots of appreciative comments: “Loved this. Top three film for me.” “A clever portrayal of children’s perception and understanding of complex lives.” “Appropriately thought provoking. V. good.” “Beautifully made film, poignant.” “Bitter-sweet [cont'd.]