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Reactions to The Golden Dream

13 January 2016 CFS Committee 0

There was an appreciation score of 80 per cent for The Golden Dream. Among the positive comments: “One of the best films I have ever seen. I felt like I was there.” “Such a wonderful portrayal of life for the underprivileged of the world.” “Harrowing but brilliant.” “Superb film – very authentic.” “Apposite for our times.” “A bleak yet beautiful depiction of the best and worst sides of humanity.” “Very powerful [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Ida

9 December 2015 CFS Committee 0

A slightly disappointing score of 85 per cent for Ida, but those who loved it really loved it. “Brilliant: the best film so far this season.” “Amazing: most stunning film I have seen in a long time.” “Spare, beautifully filmed.” “Photographically magnificent, excellent characterisation.” “Brilliant monochrome photography, screen ratio.” “Bleak – lovely music – good representation of Poland at that time.” “Beautifully filmed and tragic.” On the other hand some [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Still Life

25 November 2015 CFS Committee 0

A positive response to Still Life, which achieved an appreciation score of 87 per cent. Among your responses: “Brilliant: best so far this season. Light & dark: main character wonderfully played.” “Heart rending. Good cast. One of your best choices.” “Very poignant and sad but brilliant acting. Loved the twists at the end.” “Huge film, beautifully observed.” “Slow, methodical movie – just like the main character – with a shock, [cont'd.]

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Reactions to The Salt of the Earth

11 November 2015 CFS Committee 0

The Salt of the Earth, telling the story of the photographer Sebastião Salgado, received the best appreciation score of the season so far: 91 per cent. Just a few of the comments: “One of the best films ever made” “Excellent choice. More documentaries. I will never buy gold again.” “Fantastic, inspiring, thought-provoking movie and set of images.” “Fabulous photography. Amazing person – humanity shone through.” “Never thought I would see sights like that. [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Human Capital

21 October 2015 CFS Committee 0

Paulo Virpi’s Human Capital was warmly received, with a score of 87 per cent: “Best film I have seen for a long time”; “A brilliant film, it held my entire attention from beginning to end”; “Enjoyed! Lots of perspectives”; “Tense ending to well constructed film complemented it excellently”; “Very engrossing and enjoyable, clever plot with interesting characters. Particularly strong performances from the female stars”. A few dissenters found it slow [cont'd.]