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Reactions to Wakolda

23 September 2015 CFS Committee 0

Wakolda, our second film of the season, was well received by members. It scored 86 per cent on our appreciation index. Comments included: “A sense of discomfort through the whole film. A strange place and a strange time”; “Outrageous and fantastic. A great film for a film soc”; “Really powerful. Real menace and powerful acting”; and “atmospheric and gripping”. Oddity received one of the best appreciation scores yet for a [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Cycling With Molière

16 September 2015 CFS Committee 0

Cycling With Molière was well received last night. A total of 312 members were in attendance, and the film received an appreciation score of 84.25 per cent. Among the positive comments: “An excellent start to the season!”; “Great acting”; “Funny, charming, very French” and “Loved the subtle nuances”. Some, however, found it a little long and asked for less Molière and more cycling. For an explanation of how the scoring [cont'd.]