Reactions to Vagabond

20 February 2019 Vivek Shinde 0

The film Vagabond was received positively with a score of 76.61. Some of your reactions: “Great film. Unsentimental expose of French attitudes and vagrancy in the 1980s.” “A story for our time and our streets.” “Quite remarkable. Very clever photography.” “ Thought provoking – I liked the lack of back story for Mona.” “A tough subject.” “Was very sad.” “Vachement chouette!” “ Very ‘noir’. Bleak. Interesting struc ture.” “Interesting perspective [cont'd.]

Reactions to Water

7 February 2019 Vivek Shinde 0

The second of our CFS Extra films was well appreciated. It received a score of high score of 92.79 per cent. A selection of your comments: “An incredibly poignant, moving message LOUD & CLEAR. Beautifully portrayed.” “A powerful and moving film, which highlights aspects of India’s disturbing and not too distant past.” “A serious subject matter, dealt with respectfully, without undue tugs at the emotions and good humour used appropriately.” [cont'd.]

Reactions to The Piano

30 January 2019 John Morrish 0

The first of our CFS Extra films, The Piano, was very well received last night. It achieved a score of 89.62 per cent on our appreciation scale. Some of your comments: “Loved it – best ever – wonderful photography.” “The best yet!” “One of our finest!” “Fabulous. Well re-mastered and brilliant music.” “Such a visually pleasing film and emotionally strong. Beautiful.” “A classic: poetic, masterful and richly complex.” “Unique, mysterious [cont'd.]

Reactions to Lean On Pete

23 January 2019 John Morrish 0

Our most recent film, Lean on Pete, received mixed reviews and an appreciation score of 79.37 per cent. Here are some of the comments: “A raw and moving tale. Excellent performances by the boy and Steve Buscemi. “Made me cry buckets – but great cinematography and great not to be spoiled by music.” “What a beautiful film.” “A brilliant story very well told.” “V. moving. Full of humanity.” “Gruelling to [cont'd.]

Reactions to A Fantastic Woman

15 January 2019 CFS Committee 0

A pleasing response to our most recent film,  A Fantastic Woman, which scored 80.97 per cent. Here are some of the comments: “Superb piece of cinema – totally brilliant.” “Loved it, engaging, fabulous to watch, great emotional journey.” “Beautifully scripted and shot to build a highly engaging narrative.” “Beautiful film. Impressive main character, and sensitive relationship.” “Really enjoyed, kept my attention throughout. Strong performance from main character.” “Brilliant character study, [cont'd.]