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Reactions to Rams

12 October 2016 John Morrish 0

Rams was well received, with an 83 per cent appreciation score. Some comments: “A very engaging film: amusing, sad and very emotive.” “Very good drama.” “Emotionally charged drama: brilliantly acted out.” “Huge range of emotions; best in a long time.” “Wonderful scenery; excellent story.” “Beautifully filmes; story sensitively filmed.” “Wonderful film; didn’t think sheep could be so interesting.” “Not keen [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Mustang

5 October 2016 CFS Committee 0

Mustang was much enjoyed by members last night, scoring 84 per cent on our appreciation index. Some comments: “A beautiful and sensitive evocation of the struggles faced by girls growing up in a man’s world.” “Interesting look at a different culture. Funny and sad at the same time.” “Brilliant acting by all the girls. Terribly sad, but compelling viewing.” “Breathtaking, heart-stopping, [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Marshland

21 September 2016 John Morrish 0

Members enjoyed Marshland last night, giving it an appreciation score of 86.1 per cent. Some comments: Gripping! Excellent choice – visually and good story. Brings back memories of ‘Franquismo’ and time spent there. Good portrait of corruption and fear. A great movie: tense, intelligent and beautiful camerawork. Really interesting, multi-faceted, riveting film. Well done. Beautiful scenery, good plot and acting. [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Theeb

14 September 2016 CFS Committee 0

Just about 300 people attended the first night of the 2016/17 season. The film, Theeb, was enthusiastically received. It scored 82 per cent on our appreciation index and attracted some very positive comments: “Brilliant start to the season! Wonderful! Gold standard!” “Compelling debut from the director.” “Exceptional insight into a different way of life.” “Fabulous scenery, interesting plot.” “A couscous Western? But [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Me, Myself and Mum

27 April 2016 CFS Committee 0

There was a generally good response to Me, Myself and Mum, the last film of our season (and, of course, to the wine & cheese). It scored 81 per cent. Some comments: “Superb in every way. Funniest film ever.” “Hilarious. Guillaume Gallienne’s facial expressions are the funniest thing I’ve seen all season.” “Loved the story, cinematography, actors. All in all a [cont'd.]