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Reactions to Like Father, Like Son

13 April 2016 CFS Committee 0

Lots of enthusiasm for Like Father, Like Son last night. It scored 87.2 per cent on our appreciation index. Some comments: “Superb cinematography, excellent focus on character development, splendid work from children – a joy to watch!” “So well done and heart-wrenching.” “A very moving film about an impossible situation to cope with. Very delicately done.” “Unusual – good to see a [cont'd.]

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Reactions to In Order of Disappearance

16 March 2016 John Morrish 0

In Order of Disappearance provoked some debate, particularly over the question of violence, but it still achieved a strong appreciation score of 83 per cent. Some comments: “Amusing black farce, beautifully understated acting by the lead characters.” “Fantastic, beautiful scenery, excellent storyline.” As much snow as The Revenant – but with a plot!” “Brilliant!” “Compelling, grim content, but good!” “Too much blood.” “Horrible [cont'd.]

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La Zona: Reactions

9 March 2016 John Morrish 0

Thank you for coming along to see La Zona. Lots of you seem to have enjoyed it. The audience reaction score was a respectable 78 per cent. Some comments: “Very moving and a taste of a future that is already here and increasing.” “Really appreciate the diversity and thoughtfulness of CFS Extra selection.” “All too real I feel, and very sad.” [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Suzanne

24 February 2016 CFS Committee 0

A slightly disappointing response to Suzanne last night, with an appreciation score of 73 per cent. Some comments: “I love these films directed by women. Beautifully acted. Sad but true.” “Brilliantly acted. Tense and frustrating to watch.” “Challenging and thought provoking.” “Heavenly and sublime. Thank you.” “Sad but good depiction of families staying together no matter what.” “Very French: an aspect/part of [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Rear Window

17 February 2016 CFS Committee 0

A warm reception for Rear Window last night, with an 82 per cent appreciation score. Some comments: “The best this year – loved it!” “A very enjoyable film – cleverly filmed!” “Great dialogue, not ‘dated’ at all as some 50s movies are – very much enjoyed.” “Really enjoying the choice of films.” “Better than I remembered – must be the big screen.” [cont'd.]