Our next film: The Third Murder

27 February 2019 Vivek Shinde 0

Our next film on Tuesday, 12 March, at 19:45 is The Third Murder. CFS favourite Hirokazu Kore-eda, best known for his gentle domestic dramas, takes an unexpected turn into crime and punishment. We see a man bludgeon his boss to death and burn the body. But in the trial that follows, overshadowed by the death penalty, layers of deception and ambiguity are revealed.

Our Next Film: Loveless

20 February 2019 Vivek Shinde 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 26 February at 19:45, is Loveless. In modern Russia, 12-year-old Alyosha, unloved by his warring parents, runs away from home. Only a squad of volunteer rescuers seems to care about his fate. A monumental and haunting mystery about a family and a society in crisis.

Our next film: Vagabond

6 February 2019 CFS Committee 0

Our next film on Tuesday 19 Feb at 19:45, is Vagabond. This is the third in our  CFS Extra series featuring films by women directors. Directed by Agnes Varda in 1985, it is about Mona (Sandrine Bonnaire), who is found frozen in a ditch in the South of France in winter. In flashback we follow the picaresque progress that led her there. A documentary-style masterpiece from a great survivor of [cont'd.]

Our next film: Lean on Pete

14 January 2019 CFS Committee 0

Our next film, on Tuesday 22 January at 19:45, is Lean on Pete. It is this season’s coming-of-age story. A 15-year-old boy forms a bond with Lean on Pete, a clapped-out racehorse, and saves him from slaughter. The pair travel across the Pacific Northwest, facing obstacles with courage and optimism. The film features exquisite cinematography and an emotionally charged lead performance from young Charlie Plummer.

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Our next film: The Brand New Testament

5 April 2017 John Morrish 0

Our final film of the season, on 25 April at 19:45, is The Brand New Testament. In this irreverent and dark satire, God is an irascible individual, living in a tower block in Belgium along with his wife and 10-year-old daughter. Appalled by his behaviour, Ea sets out into the world to create her own testament and end the tyranny of her father. Visually inventive and frequently hilarious, this should be [cont'd.]