Free films on TV 17/4/21 to 23/4/21

16 April 2021 John Morrish 0

FILM OF THE WEEK The Victorian critic Walter Pater said that all art aspires to the condition of music, which communicates without requiring much in the way of conscious thought. In The Tree of Life, Terrence Malick relies on images [cont'd.]

Free films on TV 27/3/21 to 2/4/21

26 March 2021 John Morrish 0

FILM OF THE WEEK Patricia Highsmith was a nasty woman, but her stories make compellingly twisty films. The American Friend (1977) is in the same vein as Strangers on a Train (1951). Jonathan Zimmermann (Bruno Ganz), a dying Swiss picture-framer, [cont'd.]

Recommended films on TV

25 September 2020 John Morrish 0

FILM OF THE WEEK For those who missed their holidays this year, a reminder that while the sun in Greece can be lovely, it can be dangerous too. In SuntanĀ (2016), Kostis, a middle-aged general practitioner, arrives on an island in [cont'd.]