Recommended films on TV

25 September 2020 John Morrish 0

FILM OF THE WEEK For those who missed their holidays this year, a reminder that while the sun in Greece can be lovely, it can be dangerous too. In Suntan (2016), Kostis, a middle-aged general practitioner, arrives on an island in [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Alice In The Cities

22 February 2017 John Morrish 0

Mixed opinions about Alice In The Cities, with an appreciation score of 73.08 per cent. Some comments: “A beautiful film, thoughtful and subtle. A gem. Thank you.” “Loved it, but don’t know why. Great choice.” “Beautiful to look at: wonderful [cont'd.]

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Reactions to Marguerite

11 January 2017 CFS Committee 0

Marguerite¬†hit the right note with members this week, scoring 84.16 per cent on our appreciation scale. Some comments: “Best film ever.” “French comedy/tragedy at its best. Superb performances from all the key characters.” “A beautiful and touching film.” “Brilliant film [cont'd.]