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Naama Preis in God of the Piano

Online films for the second half of our 75th season

While we wait for the all-clear in regard to in-cinema screenings, CFS has linked up with YourScreen, a spin-off from the Cheltenham International Film Festival, to create a programme of films for you to watch at home. They will be available at no extra charge to anyone who pays the £17 subscription for the second half of the season. That, of course, also includes any in-cinema films that we are able to show.  Access codes for the films will be emailed to any members who pay the second-half subscription and who request them.

When you use the CFS Online scheme, you have access to the four films we have selected, which are listed below. You can choose to watch any of the other films on the YourScreen website by paying £9.99 to YourScreen to view them.

To find out more about the scheme, go to To go straight to the films and start selecting, go to

The films

The four films we have selected for the next phase of the season are:

Supernova (Poland 2019: a startling debut feature about an incident on a rural by-way that rapidly escalates into a major confrontation. Available until 31 January.





God of the Piano (Israel 2019): a stylish film about a frustrated pianist who drives her young son relentlessly towards musical excellence, all the time hiding a guilty secret. Available until 21 February.




Rounds (Bulgaria 2019): three teams of police officers patrol Sofia on the night of the 30th anniversary of Bulgaria’s independence from the Soviet Union, encountering crime, drunkenness and stupidity. A portrait of a divided society and of the stoicism, corruption and humour of its police force. Available until 28 February.


And the Birds Rained Down (Canada 2019): a touching and gently comic story about three elderly men living in rural Quebec, whose peace  is disturbed by an unwelcome intrusion. Available until 28 February.



How the scheme works

Members who ask to take part in CFS Online will emailed a Promo code to view each film. You will need this to ensure you are not charged. If you do not have the code, or lose it, contact our membership secretary.

As with the CIFF, films will be available for periods ranging from three weeks to two months, but once you start watching a film you will only have 48 hours to finish. Members will be need to sign in with their names and email addresses and choose a password to accept YourScreen’s terms and conditions and access the films. We are assured that no emails will be collected by YourScreen for marketing purposes. YourScreen’s Privacy Policy is available here.

To see the films, you use your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Go to the YourScreen FAQ for help with watching films on your television using Chromecast or an HDMI cable.

What are the system requirements?

You can watch on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.12+. You can also watch on Android tablets and phones using Chrome, and on iPhones and iPads using Safari. You can, of course, plug your laptop or tablet into your television using an HDMI cable. You will need a broadband or fibre internet connection: dial-up will not work.

The full system requirements are listed in the FAQ on the site.

Help will be available by sending an email to

How do I stream the films? 

Click the link above for detailed instructions on how to work through the streaming process.