Cheltenham Film Society Accounts 2016/17

 Cheltenham Film Society       Cheltenham Film Society   
Balance Sheet 31/05/2017Income & Expenditure for Year Ending 31/05/2017
Assets ££20172016
Current AssetsRevenues££
Petty cash10648Members' Subscriptions18,13718,069
Cheque Account628233Guest Subscriptions1,2721,601
PayPal Account00Bank Interest 67115
Savings Account19,95217,785Total Income19,47619,785
Total Assets20,68618,066Expenditure
Hire of Bacon Theatre9,5058,747
Current LiabilitiesHire of Films3,0403,535
University Sponsorship 1,0001000Catering1,7911,540
University Sponsorship01,000
Total Assets less Liabilities£19,686£17,066Sundry (see note below)1,003618
Viewing sessions440597
ReservesPrinting & Stationery799798
Opening Reserves brought forward17,06614,436Postage118270
Retained Income for the Year2,6202,630Advertising010
Reserves Carried Forward£19,686£17,066Telephone4015
Total Expenditure16,85617,155
Net Income for the Year£2,620£2,630
Analysis of Sundry Expenses££
Paypal Collection fees473456
Contribution to Projector Bulb5000
Central Library fee 100
Bank Charge200
Two Year Web Hosting0144
Leaflet holders018