Getting ready for the 2019-2020 season

Plans are well advanced for our 2019-2020 season. We believe this will be our 74th year, although we did miss one or two seasons in the middle somewhere when the committee fell apart (it happens).

The film selection panel has chosen the main programme for next year. This time there will be 13 new films announced in advance, plus two to be chosen in the course of the season to allow us to be a bit more current. In addition, there will be three CFS Extra films, which are older features chosen to illustrate a theme. These may be classics or just films that we regret missing when they originally came out. We have decided not to show short films before the main feature this year because we did not think there was much enthusiasm for them.

We are currently working on the brochure and website. They will be made public soon and then we will open up for new membership applications through the website or by post. As always, membership will be limited to round about the 550 mark because of the space restrictions in the Bacon Theatre. If you would like an email to remind you to apply, please complete one of the mailing list forms scattered around the site or email

The price of membership will stay at £34 a year, which we think you will agree represents good value.