Cheltenham Film Society Renewal

Membership renewal is now open for existing members only for the coming season 2020/21. Given the current extraordinary circumstances, members are invited to rejoin by payment of an initial fee of just £5 (additional charges may be required once the full programme for the season has been finalised) as explained in more detail in the recent email sent out from the Membership Secretary to all members. If you have not received your copy (please first check your ‘Spam’ box), then please contact David by email at:

To rejoin, members should press the button below to be taken to the PayPal payment facility (no PayPal account is required) and follow the instructions. Otherwise you can pay by cheque using the application form which was attached to the email referenced above.

Regrettably, membership is not currently open to those already on the Waiting List, who will be contacted shortly. Nor is it open to others interested in joining, who should instead register their interest with the Membership Secretary at the email address above, as we do hope to be able to invite others to join once renewals are complete and we have a clearer picture of what we are able to offer in our 75th season.