Jazz at the Movies at the Playhouse

Thank you to everyone who supported our Jazz at the Movies event at the Cheltenham Playhouse. It was an experiment for us to return to CFS’s 1970s home and to put on an event open to the general public. The response was very positive.

In terms of film ratings, the most well-liked film was also the oldest. Stormy Weather, from 1943, garnered a 94 per cent appreciation score. “Astonishingly brilliant in so many ways,” wrote one member. “Extraordinary, musically and historically,” said  another.

Second came Lift To The Scaffold, from 1958, with 87 per cent. “Simply brilliant”; “Great film, but how did the rope and hook fall to the ground and not to the balcony? And how did it unhook itself?”; “Very atmospheric and clever: very French”; “Characteristic Moreau piece – always the hint of unbalance”.

Third and fourth equally, with 83 per cent, were Let’s Get Lost and The Talented Mr Ripley. “I didn’t expect to like this film particularly,” said one Chet Baker enthusiast, “but I loved it. Brilliant photography and content, and such an insightful portrait of a complex, difficult and brilliant musician.” Some people, though, thought there was not enough trumpet-playing for a film about a trumpeter. “Every time the trumpet started there was a talk-over,” said one member. Meanwhile Mr Ripley proved engaging: “enjoyable, tense, very Italian!”

We are hoping to put together another collaboration with the Playhouse later in the year.