Our next film: double bill

An innovation next time. On Tuesday 30 October we are showing two films: My Life as a Courgette and The Party.

The first film will start at 19:45 and end at about 20:55. After that there will be a 20-minute interval, with The Party starting at 21:15. During the interval the bar will be open. If you like you will be able to order drinks for the interval at the beginning of the evening. The Bacon Theatre is geared up for that.

We start with My Life As a Courgette, Claude Barras’s animated feature about life in a children’s home. It tells of a boy called Icare, nicknamed Courgette, who is placed in the home after his alcoholic mother dies. This is a delightful film with a distinctive graphic style and a strong script.

That will be followed at 21:15 by The Party, Sally Potter’s wickedly satirical fable about champagne socialists in the Blair era. An intimate social gathering to mark a female politician’s elevation to a new cabinet post spirals rapidly out of control. The film features an excellent cast led by Kristin Scott-Thomas and Timothy Spall.

The whole programme is scheduled to end at 22:30.