Our next film: The 400 Blows (CFS Extra)

Our next film, on Tuesday 23 January at 19:45, is The 400 Blows by François Truffaut, the first in our CFS Extra mini-season of three films devoted to the director.

Released in 1959 as Les quatre cents coups, better translated as ‘Mischief’, it marked the beginning of the French New Wave as well as the start of Truffaut’s remarkable career. The film is a thinly-veiled autobiographical account of Truffaut’s experiences as a troubled adolescent in 1949s Paris. As Antoine Doinel, the Truffaut character, the director cast Jean-Pierre Léaud, a 13-year-old boy who answered a newspaper advertisement. Léaud would go on to play Doinel in four more films spread across Truffaut’s career.

The 400 Blows was an international sensation and remains an affecting and subtle portrait of adolescence, filmed with all the verve its brilliant young director could bring to it.  A wonderful start to our CFS Extra mini-season.