Reactions to Marguerite

Marguerite hit the right note with members this week, scoring 84.16 per cent on our appreciation scale.

Some comments:

  • “Best film ever.”
  • “French comedy/tragedy at its best. Superb performances from all the key characters.”
  • “A beautiful and touching film.”
  • “Brilliant film makes me want to know the true story.”
  • “Beautifully acted. Fabulous costumes and setting.”
  • “Magnifique!”
  • “Very unusual but great film.”
  • “More French films please.”
  • “Well acted: enjoyable period art nouveau setting.”
  • “Complex, touching and very Gallic.”
  • “Very good, deeper than expected.”
  • “Beautifully shot and some cute moments, but deeply sad.”
  • “Sad and enigmatic.”
  • “Half an hour too long. Insufficient plot development I felt.”