Reactions to The Piano

The first of our CFS Extra films, The Piano, was very well received last night. It achieved a score of 89.62 per cent on our appreciation scale.

Some of your comments:

  • “Loved it – best ever – wonderful photography.”
  • “The best yet!”
  • “One of our finest!”
  • “Fabulous. Well re-mastered and brilliant music.”
  • “Such a visually pleasing film and emotionally strong. Beautiful.”
  • “A classic: poetic, masterful and richly complex.”
  • “Unique, mysterious and completely absorbing. What direction!”
  • “Wow. What an actress, and brilliant direction to get the best out of Holly Hunter.”
  • “The strength and poise of an excellent female performance.”
  • “Compelling. Well acted.”
  • “Fantastic and romantic.”
  • “Stunning.”
  • “Breathtaking.”
  • “Powerful.”
  • “Brilliant!”
  • “A classic.”
  • “Nice when it finished.”
  • “Good selection. One I would not have considered.”
  • “Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this outstanding film – definitely worth the wait.”
  • “Had forgotten how extraordinary this film was – and is. Unique.”
  • “Amazed how much I had forgotten! Particularly the ending. Acting ++”
  • “What a treat. I saw it when it came out but didn’t appreciate then what a masterpiece it is.”
  • “Par excellence. Wonderful second time round! 20 years later! In fact brilliant!”
  • “Better the second time.”
  • “Just as good 25 years on.”
  • “As brilliant and sensual as it was the first time around!”
  • “Fabulous to see again and remastered!”
  • “They don’t make films like this now!”
  • “Seen it ages ago but had forgotten it: great on big screen.”
  • “Eerily beautiful.”
  • “Good photography. Child actor [Anna Paquin] better than Holly Hunter.”
  • “A lot of good things and interesting but the ending didn’t follow on.”
  • “It wasn’t the piano’s fault! Tiresome.”
  • “Laboured and contrived.”
  • “Why did she go? What useful stuff did they do?”
  • “Great film but freezing cold! Please put heating on!”

Thank you for the kind remarks about my talk. I’m hoping to persuade Danielle to do the one for our next film, Water.